Laser Eye Surgery: Before and After Preparations

Laser eye surgery is a complicated and fragile surgical procedure as it handles one of the most important parts of the body. Thus, before the procedure, it is vital that you know exactly what to do in order to increase the rate of its success. You need to prepare yourself to make the procedure an easier one to handle by the surgeon and for your eyesight to heal immediately.

Before Surgery

Your doctor will give you instructions on what to do before the surgery. Make sure to follow these instructions. Most of the time, the surgeon will recommend a soap for you to use or rub around your eyes a few days before the surgery. It would also help if you would avoid using lotions, creams and perfume before the actual day of surgery as its chemicals could increase the risk of infection. Have someone to send you off to the clinic and pick you up after the laser eye surgery. This is highly recommended because your eyesight will not function normally immediately after the surgery.

During the Procedure

The laser eye surgery does not take long. It does not require overnight stay in the facility as it only takes about a minute for every eye for the procedure to complete. The surgeon will apply local anaesthesia on the eyes. To keep the eyes open during the procedure, an eye speculum will be put in place and the patient will be asked to focus on a specific fixed object during the entire process. Patients do not feel pain during the procedure although it could cause minor discomfort.

After the Surgery

After the procedure, the doctor will prescribe an over-the-counter pain killer. Patients normally feel minor discomfort in the eyes after the surgery but along with it, a vast improvement on their eyesight is highly noticeable. Most patients complain that they feel like there is something in their eyes and it’s hard to resist the urge to scrub it off. Patients also experience sensitivity to light and seeing halos and glare a few days after the surgery but it should be noted that it only last a few days and will disappear over time. An eye shield would have to be worn right after the surgery and also at nights a few days or weeks after the procedure.