Laser Eye surgery explained

While traditional eye problem correction is associated with the use of contact lenses and spectacles, the modern counterpart of the solution is the use of laser. In this process, a laser is directed to the cornea where a small incision is incurred to reshape it. The cornea’s thickness would be reduced or altered in order to bring focus on objects. The usual benefactors of this technology are those who have myopia or near-sightedness and farsighted ones or individuals who suffer from hyperopia. The average cost of laser eye surgery varies from one clinic to another but generally, it costs £500 for every eye.

Who are qualified for the surgical procedure?

Not everyone is suitable for laser eye procedure. This process is generally conducted to healthy adults who were subjected to thorough examination. Those who have minor eye problems are discouraged to go through this procedure. Also, those whose eyesight has changed within the last 12 months are also considered as poor candidates because their vision is still in the process of development or changing. Those with diabetes, pregnant and arthritic are also ruled out for this procedure.

Are the treatments safe?

The surgical procedure is certified and accepted by FDA, UK and globally. Thus, it is considered safe. However, there are opposing ideas regarding the emerging variations of the treatment. These ideas come from the fact that the procedure has not been around for long and long term effects are yet to be seen. There are also no running studies being conducted on the matter. Also, all surgical procedures have their share of risks and potential complications and eye surgery is not an exception. Although the procedure is considered to be relatively safe, doctors still warn their patients of the risks involved in laser eye surgery. There are even cases wherein patients had to go through corneal transplant due to unsuccessful eye surgery procedure.

Sir Elton John Considers Going through Laser Eye Surgery

Among the numerous individuals and celebrities who have recognized the scientific miracle of laser eye surgery, Sir Elton John, no less, is seriously contemplating about throwing his eyeglasses away and go through LASIK procedure.